Agri crisis is due to weather, steps are being taken, says Govt

Agri crisis is due to weather, steps are being taken, says Govt

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New Delhi, Dec 12 : The government on Thursday maintained that natural calamities - most often - play havoc in agriculture scene in the country and it is high time people give up politicising issues concerning the farm community.

"Every government since Independence has done its part .....BJP has never said that the previous government did nothing in agri sector. But the fact of the matter is that farmers continue to live in difficult situations," Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said in the Lok Sabha while replying to a general discussion on 'Crop Loss and its Impact on farmers' under Rule 193.

"Till the politicisation of farm issues is not stopped, we cannot bring about real solutions to the farmers' issues," he said in reference to observation from Congress floor leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury who earlier suggested that the BJP leaders often attack erstwhile Congress governments for not doing enough for the agrarian community. Mr Chowdhury went on to say that it was former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who had heralded the Green Revolution in the country.

The discussion on the subject was held on December 5 and had remained inconclusive. In his reply on Thursday, Agriculture Minister Mr Tomar said while weather is often blamed for the crisis in agri sector, it is also true that no one else but the 'human being' is responsible for the challenge of Climate Challenge.

"People are well concerned about it and the government is also concerned and taking necessary steps to deal with the situation," the Minister said.(UNI)