Countdown for PSLV-C48/RISAT-2BR1 mission begins

Countdown for PSLV-C48/RISAT-2BR1 mission begins

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Chennai, Dec 10: The countdown for the launch of 'sharp eyed' radar imaging earth observation satellite RISAT-2BR1, weighing 628 kg and nine commercial satellites, by PSLV-C48 began at 1640 hrs at Sriharikota, today.

'The countdown for the launch of #PSLVC48/#RISAT2BR1 mission commenced today at 1640 hrs from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota', ISRO tweeted. The RISAT-2BR1, with mission life of five years, is aimed at military purposes and to beef up the country’s border security through more “eyes from the sky". ISRO sources said the launch would take place from the First Launch Pad (FLP) at 1525 hrs tomorrow.

After the Launch Authorisation Board (LAB) and the Mission Readiness Review Committee cleared the launch, the countdown commenced, during which propellant filling operations would be carried out in the four stage trusted workhorse launch vehicle of ISRO. This is PSLV's 50th mission, a record of sorts for ISRO.

About 16 minutes after the lift off and ignition and separation of all the four stages, the spy satellite RISAT-2BR1 will get separated from the launch vehicle and injected into an orbit of 576 km at an inclination of 37 deg to the equator. In the next five minutes, the foreign customers would be separated and injected into the orbit. The entire flight duration would last about 21 minutes.

The 44.4 m tall PSLV-C48 will also carry piggyback nine foreign satellites, that included six from the United States and one each from Israel, Italy and Japan. These international customer satellites will be launched under a commercial arrangement with NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), the commercial arm of ISRO. (UNI)