Ruling party stalling House, not allowing Oppn to speak, says AR Chaudhary

Ruling party stalling House, not allowing Oppn to speak, says AR Chaudhary

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New Delhi, Dec 3: The Congress Lok Sabha leader Adhir Ranjan Choudhary on Tuesday alleged that the ruling party at Centre "not allowing opposition to speak", inside and outside Parliament.

He told mediapersons on Parliament premises after a day-long confrontation between the treasury bench and the Opposition on various issues, "Even if the opposition tries to speak against them outside Parliament, they are put in jail".

"Even today we tried to raise several issues, but we were not allowed to speak. They want that not only inside the house but also outside we must keep quite. Even if the Opposition tries to speak against them, they are put in jail. If we speak inside the house there also we are stopped from mounting out voices," the Opposition leader alleged.

Earlier in the day, the Lok Sabha witnessed an uproar when Mr Choudhary tried to raise the issue on price hike of onion and vegetables, the BJP demanded him to apologise for his remarks on Prime Minister, Home Minister and Finance Minister.

"The slogan of Prime Minister was that he will not allow anyone to indulge in corruption. The middlemen, however, are taking all the profits and the pocket of the common man is getting empty. The government is not doing anything. This is an injustice to the common man,” Choudhary said.

He said that, today they demanded to discuss this subject in Parliament, an adjournment motion was also given, and when the opportunity came for us to speak, the ruling party started shouting without any reason.

"The ruling party itself does not allow the house to run today. The ruling party itself imposes all possible restrictions for not running the house, while the government was watching", the Congress leader said, adding that "the government does not have an answer".

"We have been demanding since the beginning that there should be a discussion on Jammu and Kashmir, there should be a discussion about the economic situation, there should be a discussion about unemployment. But nothing happens. They want to run the House as per their wish, repeatedly", he charged.

Responding to a question over the security breach at party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi's residence, Mr Chaudury said that she is Congress party's general secretary and it's their right to raise the issue. (UNI)