Sunni Board advocate Dhawan sacked

Sunni Board advocate Dhawan sacked


Senior advocate, Mr. Rajeev Dhawan, who appeared for the Sunni Waqf Board and other Muslim parties in Ayodhya case, has been 'sacked' from Babri case by advocate-on-record, Mr. Ejaz Maqbool, who was representing Jamiat.

'Just been sacked from the Babri case by AOR Ejaz Maqbool who was representing the Jamiat. Have sent a formal letter accepting the 'sacking' without demur. No longer involved in the review or the case,'" he said.

'I have been informed that Mr Madani has indicated that I was removed from the case because I was unwell. This is total nonsense. He has a right to instruct his lawyer AOR Ejaz Maqbool to sack me which he did on instructions. But the reason being floated is malicious and untrue,' he further added.

Mr. Dhawan was in news, most recently, when said that 'Hindus, not Muslims' were responsible for creating unrest in the country. He later denied the statement and said that by Hindus, he meant the 'Hindu side' in the Ayodhya case. 'Muslims have never been responsible for disturbing the atmosphere in the country. Hindus do it,' Mr. Dhawan had said.

Later, clarifying, he said, 'This is television mischief. When I speak of Hindus, I am not speaking of Hindus generally. If I was, then I would also be speaking of myself. When the word Hindu is used in its context, it speaks about the Sangh Parivar in relation to the Babri Masjid... In court, I told people who destroyed the Babri Masjid that they were Hindu Taliban. I am speaking of those sections of Sangh Parivar, who are dedicated to violence, lynching to destroying mosques and killing.'