Prahlad Patel unveils ‘Kalash’ containing holy soil of Jallianwalla Bagh

Prahlad Patel unveils ‘Kalash’ containing holy soil of Jallianwalla Bagh

Agency News

New Delhi, Dec 3 : Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, Prahlad Singh Patel on Tuesday unveiled the 'Kalash' (urn) containing soil of Jallianwala Bagh, the soil of martyr at National Museum here.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Patel said that main idea behind displaying the ‘Kalash’ containing soil of Jallianwala Bagh in National Museum is to inspire the youth of India specially children and pay tribute to the martyrs of freedom struggle. ''It is not just a regular soil, it is the part of one of the greatest sacrifices and we want to honor their sacrifices. Now the people visiting National Museum will know how their ancestors sacrificed their life during the struggle for independence of the country,'' the Minister said.

The holy soil was brought by the Culture Minister when he visited the historical Jallianwalla Bagh National Memorial. The soil from the land of sacrifice has reached National Museum after 100 years.

The Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place in Amritsar during the Baisakhi festival on April 13, 1919 when British Indian Army under the command of Colonel Reginald Dyer opened fire at a crowd staging a pro independence demonstration, leaving over 400 people including 41 children dead.

To mark the centenary of the 1919 British colonial era massacre, the urn will be on public display at National Museum so that the visitors particularly the youth and children can know more about the sacrifices made during the freedom struggle of India and get inspired by them. (UNI)