Hyderabad rape accused must be hanged, Elders demand in Rajya Sabha

Hyderabad rape accused must be hanged, Elders demand in Rajya Sabha

Agency News

New Delhi, Dec 2: The Elders in the Upper House on Monday demanded quick investigation into the veterinary doctor's rape-cum-murder case and death punishment to the accused.

Rising above their party politics, all the Members unanimously demanded the Government to revisit the policing and judicial systems which delays the punishment to guilty with legal tactics. Several members, including Sanay Singh of AAP, have given notices under rule 267 but Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu said though he rejected notices given under rule 267 but sensing the sensitivity of the matter, he would allow a discussion in the House with a condition that no Member will name any state Government or the state.

'Despite the fact that this issue has already been discussed in the House several times, these incidents have not stopped. Many strict laws were enacted but even then these incidents have not been stopped and it seems that the fear of law has been lost', Mr Naidu said. Initiating the debate, Leader of Opposition Gulam Nabi Azad said whenever this type of unfortunate incident happens in the country, it gets discussed in the House, strict laws get formed but unfortunately these laws have never been a deterrent.

'Therefore, to prevent these sort of incident, apart from the laws, policing and judicial system but there is need to take step on social front also', Mr Azad said. Ms Amee Yajnik of Congress also said there is a need to bring change at social and mental level of the society as enough tough laws have already enacted. (UNI)