Demonstration at Jantar Mantar against rape incidents

Demonstration at Jantar Mantar against rape incidents

Agency News

New Delhi, Dec 2: People from different sections of society gathered at Jantar Mantar here on Monday, to protest against the rape-cum murder and gang-rape of a female veterinarian in Hyderabad and the incidents of rape in Ranchi and Vadodara.

Amrita Dhawan, the organiser and Congress leader of the protest organised under the joint aegis of several organizations like All India Democratic Student Organisation, All India Student Association, All India Democratic Women's Association and All India Progressive Women's Association, said, "I am calling this demonstration not as a leader, but as a member of the society who is concerned about the happenings in the society. Why do we need another Nirbhaya to discuss how unsafe women are? The judicial system has to ensure speedy justice so that the families of the victims get some relief.''

"Nirbhaya's rapists are still in jail and they have not yet been hanged. They are living their lives in jail, they are getting food and they are sleeping peacefully, but what did the families of the victims got whose lives have been destroyed forever,'' Ms Dhawan said.

The protesters wore black strips during the protest and shouted slogans of 'We want justice', 'We are ashamed that the killers are alive now'. Dr Priyanka Reddy, a veterinary doctor from Shamshabad in Hyderabad was found dead with her body partially burnt under Chatanpalli bridge in Shadnagar. She was raped, smothered and then burnt by four men. (UNI)