‘Nation First’ sentiment steering country on development path: PM

‘Nation First’ sentiment steering country on development path: PM

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 26 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that a 'nation first' sentiment running across the country aims to bring it out of the age old problems that have been hamepring its growth all these years.

"People coming forward to help each other , the educated coming forward to spread education and helping the less privileged , taking up cleanliness initiatives , the toilet revolution and others all come under the 'Nation first' theme," the PM said at an event hosted by a TV channel.

He pointed out that the abrogation of Article 370 from the Kashmir Valley helped in solving the problem that the country had been facing since long and said the move had integrated the nation.

PM Modi hit out at the previous governments for stalling important matters like Ayodhya case and not showing the will to resolve the issue.

He said that the people now do not want to remain trapped in the challenges of the past and wanted to see the country develop.

"Because of the 'Nation first' new doors have opened up when challenges are recognised," he said.

"It was the 'Nation first' sentiment due to which more than 37 crore bank accounts were opened to connect the poor to the banking system," he said. (UNI)