K’taka, Mah floods echo in Rajya Sabha

K’taka, Mah floods echo in Rajya Sabha

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New Delhi, Nov 27 :  Raising the issue of floods in Maharashtra and drought in Karnataka in the House of Elders, BK Hariprasad of Congress, GC Chandrasekhar and nominated Sambhaji Chhatrapati demanded the Central government to assist these states.

Raising this during the Zero Hour, Mr Prasad said Karnataka is a state affected by both floods and drought. It needs help, so that the affected people can get relief.

According to Mr Chandrasekhar, the state government does not have sufficient funds for relief work. Compared to the demand made from the Centre, a very small fund has been released to the state, which has resulted in inadequate relief operations, he added.

Mr Chhatrapati said Maharashtra is badly affected by incessant rains, but the state government is hardly getting any assistance from the Centre.

Demanding some laxity in the MPLAD Fund rule during the Zero Hour, BJP lawmaker DP Vats said usually, the amount is released only after getting the completion certificate of the construction plan.

A construction plan takes two to three rains to complete and the Member could not utilise its full fund in the five years. In view of this, the fund should be allocated without getting the full certificate of the scheme.

BJP member Satyanarayana Jatiya, while appreciating the Ayushman Bharat scheme, said that private sector hospitals have an important role in this scheme, but few of them were facing problems because of lack of facilities in many hospitals.

Some more diseases should also be included in this scheme and private sectors need to be encouraged to join this, he added.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar of BJP raised the issue of non-implementation of RERA in some states and also dilution of RERA rule in some other states. (UNI)