BJP’s Kalidas Kolambkar becomes protem speaker

BJP’s Kalidas Kolambkar becomes protem speaker

Agency News

The senior most member of the Maharashtra Assembly, BJP’s Kalidas Kolambkar has been selected as the Protem speaker, a report by IndiaToday TV said.

Earlier, names of three senior-most members of the House - Balasaheb Thorat, KC Padavi and Kalidas Kolambkar- have been considered for the post. Finally, Kalidas Kolambkar was picked up.

Pro-Tem Speaker will administer the oath to MLAs. By conventional practice, the senior most MLA is selected as a Protem Speaker. However, once a new Speaker is elected, the Protem Speaker ceases to function in the same capacity.

Following a court direction, a Protem Speaker can be selected to do the following:

1.Carry out such or most functions of a Speaker or those specified as per court’s order.

2.Supervise the activities of the House till the completion of the court’s order is fulfilled.

3. Not go beyond the defined scope of activity given in the court order.