Rajya Sabha Marshals returns to their old uniform, but without turban

Rajya Sabha Marshals returns to their old uniform, but without turban

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New Delhi, Nov 25 : Exactly a week after start of the Winter session, the Rajya Sabha marshals have reverted to their old uniform albeit without the turban on Monday to help the Chairman in conducting the business of the House after their new military-style uniform triggered a controversy.

The new uniform resembling a military uniform with peaked cap and lanyards drew sharp criticism from Army veterans, including former Army chief VP Malik. The marshal's new uniform also attracted sharp criticism from political sections also, including Jairam Ramesh of the Congress who asked the chair the reason for the change.

The marshals had worn the new uniform on the first day of the Winter Session last Monday, but after the flak removed the cap the next day.

The traditional attire of the marshals - the prince suit and head gear – was substituted by the military-style uniform, complete with peaked cap and lanyards. But after the criticism, the marshals were not seen wearing the peaked caps after the Wednesday afternoon session.

On November 19, Mr Naidu said he had ordered the Upper House Secretariat to revisit the order of a new uniform for the marshals.

"We’ve received some observation by some political as well as well-meaning people. I have decided to ask the Secretariat to revisit the same,” Mr Naidu told Members on Tuesday. (UNI)