Members should maintain decorum of RS: Naidu

Members should maintain decorum of RS: Naidu

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New Delhi, Nov22 :  Expressing deep displeasure over the Members involved in creating ruckus in the House, the Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaih Naidu on Friday said the Members must maintain the decorum of the Upper House.

During the proceeding of ‘Zero Hour’, Mr Naidu said some Members continue to create ruckus after the Chair’s decision and later make complaints about the consideration of various issues of public importance.

Mr Naidu further said sometimes they think that if they could not raise an issue on a particular day because of disruptions, they will get another chance on next day but this will not happen from next Monday.

“From Monday onwards the members’ left issues during Zero Hour will not be raised again without the permission of the Chair,” Naidu said curtly.

Referring to the display of play cards, air purifiers and Mask in the House, he said display of these things are strictly prohibited.

The Chairman also said many members write to him letters and the next day he reads in the newspapers that the Chairman does not heed to their letter. They should wait for a while so that I can go through the letters, he added.

Earlier, soon after the House assembled on Friday, a few Congress Members gave notice under rule 267 for debate on electoral bond along with RJD’s Manoj Kumar Jha, DMK’s T Shiva, which were rejected by him for discussion suspending zero hour. (UNI)