CPI (M) opposed extension of NRC

CPI (M) opposed extension of NRC

Agency News

Agartala, Nov 21: The CPI (M) today opposed the announcement of Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding extension of National Register of Citizens (NRC) to the entire country including repeating it in Assam again.

In a statement, party said when already Aadhaar and EPIC cards are in vogue, this is an unnecessary and wasteful process but it would only to fulfill the ruling party’s agenda of targeting certain sections who are branded as foreigners. “We strongly opposed to a repetition of the NRC process in Assam. The NRC process was undertaken under the supervision of the Supreme Court. The whole process had incurred an expenditure of Rs 1,600 crore,” the statement mentioned.

The party however, demanded to ensure inclusion of Indian citizens who were excluded from NRC in Assam. Another NRC exercise will impose new burdens and insecurities of the common people except serving the communal agenda of BJP. (UNI)