Sena wary of Pawar’s moves

Sena wary of Pawar’s moves


Mr. Sharad Pawar's remarks that 'BJP and Shiv Sena will have to choose their path' do not seem to have gone down well with Shiv Sena.

The party, which has been hanging its hopes against support from Congress and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) for a government formation in Maharashtra is reportedly divided over NCP chief's motive.

According to reports many from within Shiv Sena are wary that Mr. Pawar is preparing for re-election by dividing Shiv Sena and BJP. On Monday, Mr. Pawar met Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to discuss their collective stand over backing Shiv Sena on Maharashtra government formation.

'The BJP-Shiv Sena fought polls together, we (NCP and Congress) fought together in the elections. They have to choose their path and we will do our politics,' Mr. Pawar had said in response to a question on Shiv Sena's claims that it had NCP's backing to form a government in Maharashtra.

After meeting Mrs. Gandhi, Mr. Pawar said, 'We don’t want to fuel the speculations on government formation, it is upsetting our other like-minded friendly parties.'

Meanwhile, the Congress and NCP are likely to meet once again on Wednesday to take a call on supporting Shiv Sena.

Interestingly, the Prime Minister, Mr.  Narendra Modi, on Monday praised the NCP and BJD for adhering to the Parliament norms and not rushing to the well to register protests. 'It was spoken in context to the importance of Rajya Sabha, many other along with the PM spoke on maintaining dignity of the House, I’ve been a senior MP yet I’ve never left my seat and rushed to the well, I’ve always spoken from the seat even if it’s criticising the government, this is what was mentioned by the PM,' Mr. Pawar said in a bid to clear political ramifications of Mr. Modi's remark.