India to get S-400 missile systems in 2025

India to get S-400 missile systems in 2025

Agency News

Dubai, Nov 18 : Russia will deliver S-400 missile systems to India in 2025 as it has already received the first advance payment, Rostec State Corporation CEO Sergey Chemezov said on Monday.

"I do not want to specify the exact figure, but we have received the advance payment,' Chemezov told reporters at the Dubai Airshow.

"We have already launched production, work is underway, and everything will be done in compliance with the schedule. The contract should be fulfilled in 2025," he said.

India and Russia signed a $5.43 billion contract for the purchase of five S-400 missile defence systems, despite US threats to slap sanctions on any country that buys from Russia’s defence sector.

S-400 missile system is an anti-aircraft weapon system developed in the 1990s by Russia's Almaz Central Design Bureau as an upgrade of the S-300 family. It has been in service with the Russian Armed Forces since 2007. In 2017 the S-400 was described by The Economist as "one of the best air-defence systems currently made". According to Siemon Wezeman Senior Researcher of SIPRI the S-400 "is among the most advanced air defence systems available". (UNI)