Dress code of Marshals to be reviewed: Naidu

Dress code of Marshals to be reviewed: Naidu

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 19: The Rajya Sabha Chairman, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, has said that he had asked the Rajya Sabha Secretariat to review the new military-style uniforms of marshals, after concerns were raised from several quarters including ex-Army officers and parliamentarians.

Uniforms of Rajya Sabha marshals were restyled from traditional Indian attire comprising turbans to dark navy blue and olive green military-style outfits with caps. Dwelling on the issue of the changed dress code—which came into effect on Monday, on the opening day of the Winter Session—Mr. Naidu said they were changed on the recommendation of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

'In view of the matter brought to my notice by some members, and some well-meaning persons, I have asked the Secretariat to review it,' he said. The new dress code of the marshals, who are conspicuous in the House, had reportedly evinced mixed feelings in the polity.

Their echoing, baritone call to Members, heralding arrival of the Chairman in the House, adds stridency which does not sit well with the loaded liberal values enshrined in the Constitution. According to a source, 'the dress code is aesthetically jarring and does not sit well with the sweet and soft image of a welfare, democratic state, such as India.'