Bill Gates for quality health care to India

Bill Gates for quality health care to India


Greater private sector innovation and use of technology like digital tools would help India provide quality healthcare services at low cost, billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has said, listing priority areas of his foundation for the country.

Mr.  Gates complimented India on a range of programmes like digitisation of payments to benefit the poor citizens, sanitation and polio eradication, adding his foundation is in the process of taking some of the successfully implemented ideas in the country to African continent.

Currently on a three-day visit to India to review work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has been working in areas of health-care, sanitation, agriculture and financial services for the underprivileged people for over a decade, he said he is meeting with some private sector companies in both health and agriculture sectors to have an update about some of the innovations.

'Because, after all, providing healthcare at low cost, India needs a lot of great private sector innovation in that. And I'm sure a number of those will not just be applicable to India; there will also be things that are valuable for the work we do in other countries, as well,' he said.