Diplomatic corps upset at Delhi haze

Diplomatic corps upset at Delhi haze


The diplomatic community in the national Capital has vented its ire over the poor air quality through its Dean of Diplomatic Corps, Mr.  Hans Dannenberg Castellanos.

Mr. Castellanos has expressed concern over the air quality , saying while the odd-even road rationing scheme was a good start, the government must  consider working closely with farmers in Punjab on  crop residue burning.

Delhi has been under a  blanket of smog for most of the days since Diwali. 'Pollution affects all of us. And it does not have a diplomatic solution, nor is the MEA the responsible one to solve it. This is a problem of major proportions to be solved by city and federal government, not the MEA. The odd-even scheme is a good start, but working closely with the farmers in Punjab should also be strongly considered,'’ he observed.

New Delhi has remained sensitive to diplomats commenting on the air quality and had taken umbrage to the US Embassy once prominently displaying the poor air quality from an instrument installed on its premises