Cong used tribals as vote bank for 70 years: Amit Shah

Cong used tribals as vote bank for 70 years: Amit Shah

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 17 : Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday accused the Congress party for using ‘tribals’ as merely a vote bank for 70 long years but whenever the BJP Government came in power, it worked for the welfare of the tribal population.

Inaugurating the ‘Aadi Mahotsav’- National Tribal Festival here at Delhi Haat, Mr Shah said, “It is now 70 years of our independence and the Congress party had always been using the tribal population as vote bank and since independence they never created a separate Ministry for the welfare of the tribal population. The separate Ministry was only created for the eight per cent of the population living in around 40 per cent of the land of the country when the former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee led NDA Government came in power in 1999”.

Attacking the Congress party, he further said the Congress party gave them darkness, illiteracy and snatched away their homes by cutting jungles but the BJP Government is giving light, literacy, livelihood and also building houses for tribals. The Narendra Modi Government’s schemes of a home, light, toilets to every common man and healthcare of Rs 5 lakh for poor, will benefit the tribal communities the most.

The Home Minister further said with an aim to benefit tribals, their village and the tribal areas in consideration, the Modi Government brought many welfare schemes like education, house, light and many more for the poor in the country in the last five years and this community is the biggest beneficiary of these schemes. Referring the Government welfare schemes especially for the tribal people, he said during 2012-13, the annual allocation for tribal Ministry was only 3800 crore which has been increased to Rs 6894 crore in 2019-20 and also mentioned many schemes for them including ‘Eklavya schools' in tribal region.

The Minister also said the impact of global warming and climate change are the result of over exploitation of the natural resources and assured the community that under Modi Government they will keep on endeavouring for their development without destroying their own culture. Recalling the contribution of the Tribal leaders in the freedom struggle, Mr Shah said they had not been given the due credit in the history of India and that is why Modi Government has created a digital museum with a cost of Rs 180 crore.

Referring to the Tribal leader Birsa Munda, he also said he was not only first freedom fighter who challenged the British oppressive rule in India but also guided his fellow community to awareness of their rights, gave guidance too and that is why he is known as Bhagwan Birsa in the tribal leader.

The National Tribal Festival is being organised by the Tribal Ministry’s wing TRIFED and tribal art, handicrafts, clothing, ornaments and food products have been displayed in the exhibition. There are 1000 ethnic artisans, artists and entrepreneurs participating in this festival. (UNI)