Verdict proposes, ‘poison’ disposes

Verdict proposes, ‘poison’ disposes

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New Delhi/Mumbai, Nov 15 : A week after the Supreme Courts' November 9 historic verdict on Ayodhya, it is now the clarion call for 'cleanliness' in different forms at the moment in the National Capital, the Commercial Capital as well as in Kolkata- the Cultural Capital of the country.

While some political pandits are in unison recognising the Top court's verdict as 'momentous' and branding it as the 'director' or 'Dishari' of Indian Politics till the next Lok Sabha polls, a section of them are advocating for 'cleansing' it by allowing the review petition, if any.

"Obviously the Court's verdict will ensure clarity of polity in India but it will be further strengthened if any review petition of the ruling is permitted," the political observers opined.

Incidentally, Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind (JuH), one of the Muslim litigants in the Ayodhya title suit on Thursday, decided not to accept five acres of land elsewhere to build a mosque, as mandated by the Supreme Court. The Jamiat also maintained that it is also exploring the possibility of filing a review petition against the verdict.

The parleys are on amid the continuous suffering of the entire Delhi-NCR region owing to poisonous air for the third straight day on Thursday.

The smog thickened and air quality plunged deeper into the 'severe' zone in the region yesterday, as 'airpocalypse' escalated with the 'Emergency' mark rising above PM 2.5.

Meanwhile, 'heated' debates are also on in Mumbai and the adjoining places of Maharashtra relating to imposition of President's rule in the state.

"President's rule in Maharashtra is too soon. Shiv Sena should be given some more time to form the coalition government in Maharashtra," the major deliberations aired.

Asked to comment on the call for the required 'cleanliness' in society, sociologist Ramesh Thakur said at Kandivali in Mumbai "Cleanliness is the key word in all spheres of life".

His view was also echoed in the observation of Ms Sutonuka Ghosh , an educationist in Delhi "Without cleanliness no societal development is possible".

In a lighter vein, Shamim Roy, an ardent Trinamool activist and Mamata loyalist said in Kolkata. "We are not against any Constitutional steps. But it is to be seen....Naam badnaam Na Karo". (UNI)