PM protected interests of farmers, industries by rejecting RCEP: Amit Shah

PM protected interests of farmers, industries by rejecting RCEP: Amit Shah

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 13: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday said by rejecting the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi protected the interests of the farmers and industries of the country.

Taking to Twitter Mr Shah said, 'Today's India does not bow to international pressure, but it is an India which is ready to protect its interests.' 'New energy has flowed into the country and its founder is Prime Minister Narendra Modi,' the BJP President added.

In excerpts from his article on RCEP in an economic daily, Mr Shah said, ‘November 4, 2019 shall go down as an historic milestone for India’s bold decision to stay away from the RCEP. The decision also cements India’s growing stature as a country that is rock solid in its resolve to not only protect its own interests, but also to boldly ward off any attempts from being arm-twisted. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, New India reflects a new self-confidence.'

'What makes this decision significant is that this has yet again demonstrated that the PM can go to any extent to safeguard the interests of farmers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), textile, dairy and manufacturing, medicine, steel and chemical industries'.

Mr Shah said, 'the Prime Minister didn’t compromise on it since the agreement didn’t seem to accommodate India’s concerns on issues like trade losses and dumping. India should not be party to any such international treaty that’s one-sided and against the interests of our farmers and entrepreneurs.' (UNI)