Modi calls for restraint on Ayodhya verdict

Modi calls for restraint on Ayodhya verdict

Agency News

Ahead of the Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya case, the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, has urged his council of ministers to refrain from making unnecessary statements on the subject and maintain harmony in the country.

Mr. Modi made the statement at a meeting of the council of ministers and asserted the need to maintain harmony and amity following a verdict on the sensitive matter. The Supreme Court is expected to pronounce a judgment on the Ram Janmabhoomi Babri Masjid case before November 17, when the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi retires.

Recently Mr. Modi had recalled how, in 2010, following the Allahabad High Court verdict, the government and civil society had worked collectively to maintain an atmosphere of harmony.He also appealed that the verdict should not be seen through the prism of victory and defeat, sources were quoted as saying.

Days ago, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) asked its workers and spokespersons to refrain from making emotive and provocative statements on the Ram temple issue. A similar word of caution was also issued by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

The BJP has also asked its MPs to return to their constituencies and ensure that an atmosphere of peace and harmony is maintained.

On Tuesday, the Union Minister, Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, held a meeting with Muslim intellectuals and clerics and resolved that there should neither be "junooni jashn" (excessive celebration) nor "haar ka hungama" (brouhaha over defeat).