Economic slump, slumping BJP: Manish Tewari

Economic slump, slumping BJP: Manish Tewari

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New Delhi, Nov 6: Former Information and Broadcasting minister and Congress MP Manish Tewari here on Wednesday claimed that the Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly elections results should be a wake up call for the BJP as the people of the country had lost faith in the government and its economic policies.

"Their (BJP) hubris was tainted in the election, because people do not like arrogant government. If I was in the government, I would have sat down and thought about what went wrong in the results," Mr Tewari said while speaking at the FCC here.
The Congress MP claimed that when UPA left the Centre in 2014, the Indian economy was strong, while the BJP-led NDA government totally dismantled it.

"The economy has been in a bad shape. When we left the government, fundamentals were strong. Social harmony and economic development go hand in hand, which is not happening right now." Mr Tewari said. The senior Congress leader claimed that during the UPA I regime (2004-2009), global economic meltdown was there and crude was selling at 120 dollar per barrel. "Still, we grew at 7.8 per cent a year for ten years. We lifted 190 million people out of poverty. We handed over a fundamentally strong economics. But now it looks under the siege," he stated.

According to Mr Tewari, the present government was focusing more on ''ideological agenda'' rather than economic development. On recent assembly results, Mr Tiwari agreed that if the Congress party had fought with more vigour and vitality, it would have been a different story.

"We need to introspect what needs to be done. There is concurrent political process which continues to unfold and in India, where election happens every six months, keeps political parties on toes," the MP said.

On Kashmir issue, Mr Tewari criticised the government for allowing Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to visit the Valley. "The government was bringing people from foreign countries, most of them belonging to a particular ideology, but not allowing our national leaders to visit the Valley," he stated. (UNI)