Backing cops, Kiran Bedi says, ‘they need to be protected’

Backing cops, Kiran Bedi says, ‘they need to be protected’

Agency News

Former IPS officer and the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi has backed cops in the ongoing tussle between Delhi police and lawyers.

To support her decision, Bedi quoted a person experience from her life that Kiran Bedi had gone through a similar situation in January 1988 when a lawyer arrested for theft was brought to the Delhi's Tis Hazari court in handcuffs.

"When police men and women perform their duty fairly, firmly, fearlessly and responsibly, they need to be protected by their seniors," Ms Bedi said. "Never drive men and women in uniform to the wall and let them lose faith in their own service and own seniors," she added.

"...the police departments have exclusive departments of vigilance and departmental enquiries. Hence, it is the duty of the department itself to scrutinise their acts of omission and commision in a rigorous manner," Ms Bedi said. It is the leadership's duty to ensure "no one is prejudged and humiliated for doing their bonafide duty", she said.

The protesters policemen were seen carrying posters of Kiren Bedi that read "we miss you" and chanted slogans of "aa gayi aa gayi sherni aa gayi (the lioness has come)". They placed it right on the top of the entrance of the Police Headquarters building in central Delhi.