Commerce Minister Goyal flays Sonia Gandhi over RCEP

Commerce Minister Goyal flays Sonia Gandhi over RCEP

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 2: Close on the heels of Congress president Sonia Gandhi opposing any move to endorse the RCEP, Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday late evening lashed out at her for 'waking up' suddenly on the issue.

"Where was Soniaji when her (UPA) Government agreed to explore an India-China FTA in 2007? I hope ex PM Dr Manmohan Singh will speak up against this insult to him," Mr Goyal wrote in a series of tweets.

"Smt Sonia Gandhi ji has suddenly woken up to RCEP and FTAs. So where was she when her Government opened 74 per cent of its market to ASEAN countries but richer countries like Indonesia opened only 50 per cent for India? Why did she not speak against giving larger concessions to richer countries," he wrote.

He also stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an interview with 'Bangkok Post' has highlighted clearly that the RCEP must be a win-win. "We too would like a win-win outcome. We believe that for this, addressing our concerns over unsustainable trade deficits is important," he said.

The Minister further tweeted raising questions where was Ms Gandhi when the FTA with ASEAN was signed in 2010, when FTA with South Korea was signed in 2010, when FTA with Malaysia was signed in 2011 and when such a pact with Japan was signed in 2011. (UNI)