EU team backs India’s Kashmir peace bid

EU team backs India’s Kashmir peace bid


A delegation of European Union parliamentarians on Wednesday supported the Indian government in its bid to restore normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir while asserting that terrorism is a major global problem.

The delegation, which is in Kashmir on a fact-finding mission, said the local people they spoke to wish to see development in their state like any other part of India. One of the 23 Members told a press briefing  in Srinagar that the Kashmir people want to be like any other Indian citizen and wish to see development.

Another member said the delegation, whose members come from across Europe, fully supports India’s efforts to usher in lasting peace in Kashmir and bring terrorism to an end. Stating that innocent people were being targeted, a member said terrorism is a problem not just in India but across the globe, including in France and the rest of Europe. We don't want Kashmir to become a second Afghanistan, one EU lawmaker said.

Mr. Nicolaus Fest, another member, separately asked the Central government to allow Indian opposition MPs to visit the state as well. 'I think if you let in European Union parliamentarians, you should also let in opposition politicians from India. So there is some kind of disbalance, the government should somehow address it,' Mr.  Fest said.

The delegation said they travelled to Kashmir to get facts and information on the concerns of the people and how they can help improve the situation.

Ahead of their visit, the delegation had met the Prime Minister, Mr.  Narendra Modi, and the National Security Advisor, Mr.  Ajit Doval in Delhi.