Maharaja’s dream, “Instrument of Accession” is actualized: Ram Madhav

Maharaja’s dream, “Instrument of Accession” is actualized: Ram Madhav

Agency News

Jammu, Oct 26 : BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav on Saturday greeted the J&K residents as the state celebrates the first Deepawali after the abrogation of controversial Articles 370 & 35 (A).

He termed the moment, when true dream of Maharaja Hari Singh, while signing the “Instrument of Accession” is actualized on ground. Addressing a programme on the eve of Vilay Diwas (Accession Day of J&K with India), Mr Madhav said that only one thing happened on October 26, 1947 and that is the signing of “Instrument of Accession” by Maharaja Hari Singh. “Very later, the unwanted birth was given to Article 370 by non-constitutional means and with ultier motives,” he added and made it clear that the Accession was full and final on the lines of all other states of India.

But the decision was later distorted and misrepresented among the masses, he said and termed decision to abrogate Article 370 as a token in memory of Maharaja Hari Singh, Pt. Prem Nath Dogra ji, Dr Shyama Prasasd Mukherjee, residents of J&K and all those who have suffered due to the imposition of this draconian Article. He said that the Article is not abrogated all of a sudden to take political mileage but a well researched theme for the betterment of common masses.

Mr Madhav, said that the seeds of this ill decision were sown on the June 3 Plan in 1947 and were out of box when Pt. Nehru avoided Prime Minister of J&K for 2 days from October’ 23, 1947 upon attack by Pakistan. He told that in the law for “Samvidhan Sabha”, there were four members, in which two ought to be on nomination of Maharaja and two from the last elected “Praja Sabha” in 1946 in state.

“But under conspiracy those four members included the names of Sheikh Abdullah and his personal three nominees,” he said adding that even so more Dr Ambedkar refused to draft the Act, Congress working committee refused to pass the act even then on the insistence of Pt. Nehru Article was discriminately imposed upon the people.

Hence, now, only the controversial Article imposed non-Constitutionally is removed constitutionally. Mr Madhav said that in whole of the India, Maharaja Post was finished in 1969 but it was abolished in 1952 in J&K but the Prime Minister of Maharaja was continued just to please Sheikh.

He also questioned that whether the Kashmiriyat is different from Insaniyat, whether it is different from Hindustaaniyat, whether it means to finish the Dogras, if it means to deny rights to SCs, STs, women and other classes. (UNI)