India Gate, central vista part of nostalgia: Hardeep Puri

India Gate, central vista part of nostalgia: Hardeep Puri

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New Delhi, Oct 26 : Sharing views on the India Gate and the central vista, Urban Development Minister Hardeep Puri on Saturday said these places are a part of nostalgia for Delhiites, especially for those Central Secretariat employees who use to associate it with 'daftar'.

'Many of us have grown up playing or spending time with our families in the sprawling green stretch around India Gate. India Gate outings are a part of our nostalgia & so is the Central Secretariat complex, popularly known as 'daftar' by generations of Delhiites,' Mr Puri said, taking to micro-blogging site Twitter.

However, keeping in view the present and future requirements for more office spaces & buildings conforming to contemporary safety & sustainability standards are the need of the hour, he said, adding that the buildings that were constructed around a century ago are not able to provide enough space & amenities now.

He also mentioned about the re-development of Parliament House and said that,' facilities in the Parliament House also need to be augmented to provide sufficient space to MPs. This initiative for development & redevelopment of Parliament building, Central Secretariat & Central Vista will enable New India to keep pace with its journey into the future.'

New Delhi’s central vista, constructed between 1911-1931, stretching from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate, has been a major attraction for tourists & residents of Delhi.

Mr Puri had earlier said while talking to reporters that the project will be executed on a mission mode as the time had come to build modern , energy efficient , world class buildings that will define the characteristics of Delhi as a leading world capital.
The Government on Friday said the upgradation and renovation work in Parliament building will be completed by March, 2022 while the common Central Secretariat may take another two years.

The Government has set stringent timelines to complete the development/redevelopment of Parliament building, Common Central Secretariat and Central Vista. While the timelines given to CPWD to complete the Central Vista project is November, 2021, the redevelopment work on Parliament building is to be completed by March, 2022 and the common Central Secretariat by March 2024,' Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs had said in a statement.