Will BJP take the help of Gopal Kanda facing criminal charges?

Will BJP take the help of Gopal Kanda facing criminal charges?


Will BJP accept support of Gopal Kanda an MLA from Sirsa, facing many criminal charges to form a government in Haryana? This is the question taking rounds in Delhi, particularly by a party sworn to Beti Patao and Beti Bachao. Obvious question is how can a party committed to such values take help from a man with a criminal background including alleged rape to form a government?

Kanda air dashed to Delhi on Thursday night claiming support of five MLAs willing to support the BJP ministry in Haryana, which needs half a dozen more members for majority in the Assembly. Reports indicate that he got an audience with senior BJP leaders including J.P.Nadda, No.2 in the party, in New Delhi and was lodged in Gurgaon. Kanda offering support has embarrassed the BJP leadership as there is opposition to the move from political parties including the BJP. Some leaders have addressed letters to party president, Amit Shah, opposing the move.

Kanda who rose to high levels both in politics and business has many cases pending against him. Though he started from humble origins, he became a minister in Haryana and did well in business though a few cases of varied allegations are still before the courts. A lady working in his aviation company, MDLR, committed suicide and had accused him of sexual harassment and rape in her suicide note in 2012. Her mother too committed suicide six months later holding Kanda responsible for her rape too. A Delhi court, on charges of rape had put him on trial.

He is facing other cases too. The charges include abetment to suicide, criminal conspiracy and criminal intimidation.

He was elected from Sirsa in the recent election with a margin of 602 votes defeating an independent candidate, Gokul Setia.