Dozee, Seniority collaborate to launch #ParentalLeave

Dozee, Seniority collaborate to launch #ParentalLeave

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Kolkata, Oct 25 : Dozee, an award-winning contactless health monitor, and Seniority, India's largest e-retail destination for seniors have collaborated to launch #ParentalLeave, a special campaign to promote PL or Parental.

The film captures the life of working professionals, who make annual trips back home to celebrate Diwali and realize how their parents are growing older and struggling to perform their day-to-day activities effortlessly. The protagonist discovers Seniority, one stop-shop from where he buys meaningful gifts like Dozee’s AI-powered health monitoring device for his parents. As the couple leave to return, there is a reassurance that ‘everything is okay’, a spokesperson for Dozee, a Bengaluru-based company, said.
The film aptly narrates the story of millennials, who are so busy in their professional lives that they often miss spending enough time with their parents. This festive season, Dozee and Seniority joined hands to encourage viewers to make their ‘paid leaves’ into ‘parental leaves’ and dedicate that time into having deeper conversations about their health and well-being. Because parents will always say “Sab Theek hai”, but now millennials have a way to know if “Sach mein, Sab Theek hai!” even when they are away from their parents.

"Dozee’s caretaker feature helps you to monitor your parents’ health from a single screen. Dozee app lets you access health data, view weekly and monthly trends and download reports for multiple users using a single touch. Dozee with it's AI powered alert system, alerts you if there are any signs of health deterioration. So, even when you are miles away from them, you will know how they are doing and if everything is fine," said Mudit Dandwate, CEO and Co-founder of Dozee.(UNI)