Pranab worries over rising violence

Pranab worries over rising violence


Former President Pranab Mukherjee said on Tuesday he was concerned about the 'increase in violence' arising out of differences among people and the 'utter disregard' for human life which is hurting the nation’s harmony. Delivering a lecture at the North East Institute of Advanced Studies on its Foundation Day via video conferencing from Delhi, Mukherjee said there was a need to encourage reasoned public engagement on all issues of national importance and that dialogue not disruption was essential for a healthy democracy.

"Today, I notice, with great concern, there is an increase in violence arising out of differences. Consequently, our ability to co-exist in harmony has greatly suffered," Mukherjee said while delivering the lecture in memory of its institute’s patron Justice (retd) K N Saikia on the topic of ‘Tolerance in Indian Society’. "This type of violence not only perpetuates physical harm but mental, intellectual and socio-economic destruction as well. There is an utter disregard for the life of fellow humans; there is mistrust and hatred; there is suspicion and jealousy," he added.