Isolating Pak amid PoK skirmishes: Jordan is a success story

Isolating Pak amid PoK skirmishes: Jordan is a success story

Agency News

New Delhi, Oct 23 : Amid skirmishes along the PoK and lot of ‘China angle’ seen from time to time in India’s efforts to isolate Pakistan, one major success story in recent foreign policy initiatives has been in winning over Jordan from Islamabad’s fold.

Experts point out that traditionally Jordan has been an ally of Pakistan, but in ‘recent past’ it has been won over and now it is “closely linked with India’s interest.'' In the entire region and the entire canvas of geo-political realm, besides China – Jordan has been one country which has been traditionally close to Pakistan.
But lately Jordan has been moved towards India in more ways than one. In fact, there is a greater understanding in the ruling establishment in India these days that in the last five-six years, the Modi government has successfully ‘won’ and ‘disturbed’ the base support of Pakistan.

Besides Jordan, India’s relations with Saudi Arabia and UAE have also improved a lot and these have reasons to upset Pakistan.
“.....One is excited the manner, India-Jordan relations have moved in last five-six years.

This is a success story of the Modi government as Jordan has a long history of strong bond with Pakistan,” a source in the BJP said.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Jordan in early February 2018 occurred 30 years after Late Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to Amman in 1988.
King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan also hailed Mr Modi’s visit to Amman as the beginning of a new chapter in bilateral ties.