Exit polls predict BJP sweep in Maharashtra, Haryana; Cong distant second

Exit polls predict BJP sweep in Maharashtra, Haryana; Cong distant second


Exit polls have predicted a clear win for BJP in both Maharashtra and Haryana where voting was held today. BJP was expected to retain the two States with a higher majority this time.

In Maharashtra, Times Now puts it at 230 seats for the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance and with just 48 for the Congress-NCP team and others getting 10 in the 288-member House.

News18-IPSOS predicts BJP to get a majority on its own with 141 seats and its partner Shiv Sena 102. The Congress alliance is expected to have a mere 41 seats. ABP-CVoter projection is BJP-Shiv Sena 204, Congress-NCP 69 and others 15. However, the India Today-Axis My India projection was that the BJP- Sena alliance would get between 166 and 194 seats. The Congress-NCP alliance was expected to get 72-90 seats and others 22-34.

For Chief Minister Fadnavis this is expected to be a major victory as the alliance had  217 seats in the House. In Haryana, Times Now has projected 71 seats for BJP with Congress having to be satisfied with just 11 and others 8 in 90-member House.

The Newsx-Polstrat prediction is 77 for BJP, 11 for Congress and 2 to others. Jan Ki Bath exit poll says BJP can get 57 with 17 to Congress and 16 to others. Bharatvarsh puts it at 47 for BJP, 23 for Congress and 20 for others.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar appears all set for a second term after his party had 47 seats in the outgoing Assembly with Congress having 15 seats and On Prakash Chautala's INLD 19.