D Raja slams Bhagwat, says RSS is a ‘calamity’

D Raja slams Bhagwat, says RSS is a ‘calamity’

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New Delhi, Oct 10 : Communist Party of India (CPI) General Secretary D Raja on Thursday said that "a calamity, caused by corporate - communal fascism, is hitting India today" and "the recent speech made by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat at Nagpur is an emphatic reiteration of this".

"RSS which claims to be the largest NGO in the world, is acting as an extra-constitutional authority in India, controlling the present government headed by Narendra Modi and directing the government what it should do or what it should not do", said Mr Raja in a statement.

He also said that the RSS keeps making suo motto claim that it represents the Hindu community and Hindu society despite the fact majority of Hindus do not subscribe and support the sectarian, divisive, communal fascist ideology of RSS.

"RSS, instead of condemning the mob lynching, gives a spin saying that lynching is alien concept and a conspiracy to tarnish Hindu culture. Mob lynching is a reality and has become a new normal. The country knows who the lynchers are", Mr Raja added.

The Communist leader stated that the RSS-BJP combine leaves no aspect of life to remain in tune with the modern times marked by the significant growth of science as well as by the remarkable victories made by the working class and its allies all over the world with its class ideology.

"They trample upon every right of the people won through relentless struggles. They use NRC to deny citizenship to some sections of religious minorities", he charged. Mr Raja also appealed to "all the Left, democratic, secular forces to 'strike together, while marching separately' as exhorted by V I Lenin, against growing fascist offensive".

Referring to the National Executive of the CPI at its last meeting in September, he called upon all its units to carry out an ideological and political campaign from October 2 to November 7, 2019 and 'expose RSS- BJP and its affiliates.' Mr Raja said along with other national issues like mob lynching, rising atrocities on Dalits, local issues concerning particular areas must also be taken up in the campaign. (UNI)