Cong takes jibe at Bhagwat over remarks on economy

Cong takes jibe at Bhagwat over remarks on economy

Agency News

New Delhi, Oct 8: Taking a swipe at RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat for his statement that Indian economy growing and too much discussion about the slowdown was unwarranted, the Congress party on Tuesday said that Bhagwat is talking like an 'eminent economist'.

"Now that the eminent economist has spoken, we can all rest easy," the Congress tweeted along with a media report on the RSS chief's speech.

Earlier in the day, while addressing a gathering on the occasion of Vijayadasmi, Mr Bhagwat said that the government was taking measures to improve the economic situation and everybody must have faith in it.

"The country is growing. However the global economy goes through a cycle, and it faces some hurdles at a time and it will slow down the growth. Then it is called a slowdown,” Bhagwat reportedly said.

The RSS head also said that "too much discussion about 'so-called' slowdown would make the people in business and trade believe that the economy is really slowing down and they would become more conservative in their actions. Eventually, it will slow the economic growth further.”

He alleged that the Congress party is continuously criticising the government over the state of economy and said that it is taking adequate measures to address the issue. (UNI)