Gandhiji visited RSS Shakha during Partition, says Bhagwat

Gandhiji visited RSS Shakha during Partition, says Bhagwat

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New Delhi, Oct 2: On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, RSS on Wednesday said the Father of the Nation had 'visited' a shakha near his residence in Delhi during the "tragic days of Partition" and lauded discipline of the Swayamsevaks.

"Gandhiji visited a Shakha (RSS meet) near to his place of residence in Delhi during the tragic days of Partition. He spoke to the swayamsevaks in the Shakha. Its report was published in the 'Harijan', dated September 27, 1947. Gandhiji expressed his joy over the discipline of the Sangh swayamsevaks," RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat wrote in an article posted on the RSS website.

The Sangh Swayamsevaks (RSS volunteers) recall Gandhi and his values as part of their morning prayer in Shakhas, he said while referring to 'Ekatmata Stotra' which is recited in the daily gatherings of its workers.

RSS chief also said - Gandhiji had also visited a Sangh camp near Wardha in 1936 and next day RSS founder Dr Hedgewar met him at his Ashram. "The contents of the long question-answer session and discussion are now in public domain," he said.

The article titled 'Emulate the Mahatma’s vision in our lives' further says: "Gandhiji, who believed in the Swa-based reorganisation of Bharat, firmly stood for social equality and harmony and translated his vision into action, had set an example for all through his life."

"We must perceive, understand and manifest it in our life. On account of this, even those who had minor differences of opinion with him also viewed with reverence".

Bhagwat also wrote: "Every morning, right from its very inception, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh remembers the great personalities of our nation through a practice of reciting a stotra. In 1963, this stotra was revised by adding some new names. By the time, Poojya Gandhiji was no more and his name was also added".
He writes: " Now, it is known as Ekatmata Stotra. The Sangh swayamsevaks recite it every morning and recall Gandhiji’s life of the above-mentioned values."

"Remembering the Mahatma on his 150th birth anniversary, we shall take a pledge that we will emulate his sacred, dedicated and transparent life and Swa-centric life vision, and through which we must inculcate the qualities of dedication and renunciation in our lives to make Bharat the Vishwa Guru".

"Gandhiji was well aware of the detrimental impact of the slavish mentality, which was born out of dependency," he wrote, adding that in such a situation, Gandhiji’s endeavour to give a new thought based on our own identity to all spheres of human life was a successful experiment. (UNI)