PM says his address in Tamil still doing rounds in US media

PM says his address in Tamil still doing rounds in US media

Agency News

Chennai, Sep 30 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said his address in the United States in Tamil was still doing the rounds in the US media.

Speaking at a reception organised by the BJP on his arrival at the airport here, he said "when I was speaking in the U.S., I said Tamil was a very old language in the World. That news is now still doing the rounds in the U.S. media...There are lots of expectations in the US from India. All 130 crore Indians need to work together for it," he said.

He said ''during my visit to the USA, I realised that the World is looking up to India with great expectations and that the expectation is increasing by the day. Now it is our responsibility to not only make India a great nation but also to see to it that it meets the expectations of the World community.''

“During my (just concluded) U.S. tour I saw the world has great expectations from India, which is growing... we will certainly ensure the welfare of India, and swiftly, but we will make it such a great nation that it will be useful for the world,” he said.

Mr Modi said this was his first visit to Chennai after the General Elections of 2019. ''I have come to attend the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of IIT Madras, but I am highly indebted to all of you for coming in such large numbers to welcome me.''

On his first visit to Tamil Nadu after becoming Prime Minister for the second successive term, Mr Modi reiterated his campaign against Single Use Plastic. He said ''we have achieved many a success through public participation and in the same way we should rid the country of the Single Use Plastic.''

''Some people by mistake are misinterpreting that I wanted India to be rid of Plastic, I did not say so, What I said was that I want the country should be rid of Single Use Plastic. This plastic can be used only once and it creates a lot of problems later'', he added.

Mr Modi said ''on October two, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, we shall take up a padayatra and spread the ideals of Gandhi through these padayatras''. (UNI)