Azad says crisis unfolding in Valley

Azad says crisis unfolding in Valley


Back from a six-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir, the Congress veteran,Mr.  Ghulam Nabi Azad, has said the situation there was 'deplorable' and a huge crisis was unfolding in the Valley where the poor in most parts had nothing to eat. 'A huge crisis is unfolding in Kashmir and the fears I had expressed while seeking Supreme Court’s permission to travel to J&K have come true,' Mr. Azad said.

He alleged the government was resorting to intimidation and suppression of facts and that things had come to such a pass that people were resorting to civil disobedience as a mark of protest.

'What I was told was alarming. Ever since the government passed the legislation making J&K a UT and scrapping Article 370, people in the Valley have been boycotting public transport and refusing to open shops. Groceries are opened briefly twice a day. A massive civil disobedience movement, the kind Mahatma Gandhi practised, is on.

'Unprecedented anger not seen in the past 30 years is building up,' Mr.  Azad warned, adding what the government had done there  was 'not needed.' He flagged exhausting food supplies in the Valley,  seeking free ration for the poor who, he said, hadn’t made money since the clampdown. 'Since the day of the shutdown, people in Kashmir have been using rice donated during Ramzan to sustain poor labourers there. Now these stocks have exhausted in 50 per cent of the places and people have nothing left to eat. They have no money to buy food either.'