President Trump calling PM Modi ‘Father of India’ : Jitendra SIngh

President Trump calling PM Modi ‘Father of India’ : Jitendra SIngh

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 25 : Minister of State Prime Minister's Office Dr Jitendra SIngh on Wednesday said that the President of the United States Donald Trump giving honor to our Prime Minister by calling him 'Father of India' was a proud moment for every Indian as this was the first time that a US President has addressed an Indian PM, or any other global leader , for the first time with such great words .

He said that so far in the history it has never happened when a US President has used such great words in respect and appreciation for an Indian PM. 'Such a thing coming from a foreign country's leader , which is an unbiased appreciation for our leader, should make the country and its citizens feel proud irrespective of anyone's association with a political party or line of thought.

If a person does not feel proud on such appreciation by the US president which has never been done for any other leader earlier, one would wonder whether the person is proud of the country or not,'Mr Singh said.

Speaking to reporters, Dr Singh, who was here at an event , said that the other countries in the World that earlier did not agree or were not with India's view point , today agree and accept the country's view regarding its stance on Pakistan's support to militancy.

The Minister of State PMO Dr Jeetendra Singh said that it was to a great extent because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's outreach that the country is being respected like never before on the global platform.

'The country is being recognised on the global platform like never before and the people of Indian origin living abroad feel proud of their ethnicity,'he said. (UNI)