Nehru was cause of POK, says Amit Shah

Nehru was cause of POK, says Amit Shah


The Union Home Minister, Mr.  Amit Shah, on Sunday took a pot shot at Congress leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi, calling him a newbie in politics over the latter's stand on Kashmir. Mr. Shah also hit out at Congress, blaming the grand old party for turning Pakistan-occupied Kashmir into an unresolved issue.

Addressing a gathering over the abrogation of Article 370 which provided special status to Jammu and Kashmir in Mumbai, Mr. Shah said that the issue of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) wouldn't be there had the former prime minister Jawarharlal Nehru not announced an untimely ceasefire in 1947 when the Army was fighting against the Pakistani infiltrators.

'Rahul Baba, you have come into politics now, but three generations of the BJP have given their life for Kashmir, for abrogation of Article 370. It's not a political matter for us, it's part of our goal to keep Bharat mata undivided,' said Mr. Shah.

On the continued clampdown in the Valley, he claimed that while not a single bullet has been fired so far, terrorism will also be finished in the coming days.

Without taking any names, he said three dynasties which ruled Kashmir didn't allow the anti-corruption bureau (ACB) to be set up there. 'Those who indulged in corruption in Kashmir now are feeling the heat despite the cold there,' he said.