Pawar clarifies remark on Pakistan

Pawar clarifies remark on Pakistan


The Prime Minister should have ascertained his statement about Pakistan before criticising him, the NCP chief, Mr. Sharad Pawar, said on Friday.

At a rally in Nashik ahead of Maharashtra assembly elections on Thursday, Mr. Narendra Modi had claimed that Mr Pawar, at a recent event, said he liked Pakistan.

The NCP denied the charge, accusing the Prime Minister of distorting his statement. 'The Prime Minister said I have love for our neighboring country....I have been defence minister.The Prime Minister should have verified my statement before criticizing me,' Mr Pawar said.

'I had said that political and military leaders of Pakistan keep making false statements against India to maintain their clout in Pakistani politics. These words do not describe any love for Pakistan,' Mr Pawar said.

'I will not criticise Modi further because I do not want to hurt the dignity of prime minister's office,' he added. On Thursday, alleging that the Congress leaders' comments were being used by other countries and terror outfits against India, Mr.  Modi said, 'I can understand the confusion of the Congress. But Sharad Pawar? I feel bad when an experienced leader like him makes wrong statements. He said he likes the neighbouring country. But everyone knows where the terror factory is.'