Respect Modi, says Tharoor

Respect Modi, says Tharoor


Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Friday defended the Prime Minister in the wake of the all-round attack against him over several issues. A day after the former party chief, Mr. Rahul Gandhi attacked Mr. Narendra Modi  over his upcoming ‘Howdy, Modi’ community event in the United States, Mr. Tharoor said: 'We should respect him as he is the Prime Minister of India'.

Mr. Tharoor, Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram, tweeted, 'As an Opposition MP, I have the right to criticise @narendramodi’s policies, statements, actions & inaction, & expose his failures. But when he goes abroad, he is @PMOIndia & he carries my flag. I want him to be received & treated w/ the respect due to my country’s PrimeMinister.'

A little later, while speaking to reporters, Mr. Tharoor reiterated his views. 'We disapprove of what Mr Modi says and does but when the Prime Minister of India is going abroad, we wish him well because he has to carry the flag of the nation outside the country.'

'I don't want to say anything more critical of that. Inside the country, we have a lot of things to say against his policies and his mistakes which we believe are many. Outside the country, he is the Prime Minister of India, let us respect him,' the former Union minister added.

Mr. Tharoor’s sharp remarks came a day after Mr. Rahul Gandhi launched a sharp attack at Mr. Modi over his Houston event, asking about the state of the economy.

'’Howdy’ economy doin’, Mr Modi? Ain’t too good it seems,' Mr.  Rahul tweeted on Thursday.

Even on Thursday, Mr. Tharoor had said at an event that PM Modi should not be 'criticised over everything'. He, instead, pitched for engaging in constructive criticism.