India dares Imran to raise Kashmir issue in UN

India dares Imran to raise Kashmir issue in UN

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 19 : India on Thursday virtually dared Pakistan to raise Kashmir issue at the UN General Assembly, but said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will focus on issues as a responsible and emerging economic power.

'If they wish to dwell on this issue in the speech by the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, they are welcome to do so,' Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale told reporters here and maintained 'our Prime Minister will focus on what the United Nation General Assembly high level segments means to focus'.

Mr Gokhale said as an important economic power and 'as a responsible member of the UN' Prime Minister will flag what India is doing at the global level.

He said the Pakistan government’s decision to open its airspace was "unfortunate".

Answering a question, he said - "Rather it is an unfortunate situation that a country denies flight airspace to head of state or head of government of another country. But this is true when the country is a normal country".

Mr Gokhale said India has made its position very clear and hopes that Pakistan will realize the folly of its actions. (UNI)