First human trafficking  case filed under changed NIA Act

First human trafficking  case filed under changed NIA Act

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 18 :  In a first, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Tuesday registered its first case connected with human trafficking against three accused Mohd Yousuf Khan, his wife Bithi Begum and Sojib for their involvement in illegal trafficking of a Bangladeshi women to Hyderabad and their sexual exploitation, the NIA official said here on Wednesday.

The trio were booked under sections 3, 4 and 5 of Prevention of Immoral Traffic Act and they were residents of West Bengal but staying in Hyderabad since April 24.
Two persons Yousuf Ali Khan and Bithi Begum alias Khadija Shaik were running a prostitution racket with illegally trafficked Bangladeshi women in a premises near Kandikal gate at Uppuguda in Hyderabad and after a credible tip off Chatrinaka PS of Hyderabad City had searched the premises on April 24 and arrested three accused persons and rescued five such victims from the premises.

On August 9, this case was transferred from PS Chatrinaka to Central Crime Station, Hyderabad and was registered as case No.158/2019.(UNI)