Archbishop calls Jallianwalla Bagh a shame

Archbishop calls Jallianwalla Bagh a shame


The Archbishop of Canterbury, Britain, Justin Portal Welby on Tuesday visited the Jallianwalla Bagh in Amritsar, where he said the experience w's “deeply humbling' and provoked 'profound shame'.

In a message  for the book of condolences, the Archbishop said: 'It is deeply humbling and provokes feelings of profound shame for me as a British Christian to visit this place that witnessed such an atrocity over a hundred years ago.

'My first response is pray to my loving heavenly father for healing to those still suffering grief, loss and anger. That prayer to god for healing then compels me to commit to actions that may seek to bridge divides of culture and religion that we may together root out hatred and seek the common good.'

I feel a deep sense of grief, humility and profound shame having visited the site of the horrific #JallianwalaBagh massacre in Amritsar today.

Here, a great number of Sikhs – as well as Hindus, Muslims and Christians – were shot dead by British troops in 1919.