Industry should find cheaper alternative to single use plastic: Paswan

Industry should find cheaper alternative to single use plastic: Paswan

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 9 : Food Supply and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Monday said a cheaper and reliable alternative to 'single-use plastic' should be explored for the packaging of drinking water and food items.

Mr Paswan told a press conference in his office here, after a meeting with representatives of the plastic industry and other stakeholders, that industrialists have been asked to find a cheaper alternative to single-use plastic products.

He said this option should be cheaper so that consumers are least burdened. It should also be reliable and transparent so that consumers can maintain their trust in it. The Minister said during the meeting, several alternatives for single use plastics were considered and the opinion of the industry was also known.

He said the use of paper may not be an appropriate option. It cannot be used for the packaging of liquids in pure form. It will have to mix other elements.

The Minister said the decision to completely remove single-use plastic would be taken after consultation with all and priority would be given to consumer interests and environmental protection. It is not possible to stop using single-use plastics simultaneously. The decision to discontinue it will be implemented gradually.

In response to a question, he said talks are on with the Railway Ministry on the alternative of single use plastic for the supply of drinking water. (UNI)