Prime Minister says Diwali has come early due to GST decisions
Prime Minister says Diwali has come early due to GST decisions

Obstacles won’t crush us: Prime Minister

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Bengaluru, Sep 7: Standing in solidarity with the Indian Scientists, on the last minute snag which met on the Chandrayan-2 mission, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Saturday reassured them saying that ‘Obstacles won’t crush us’.

Addressing the ISRO scientists over the last minute snag the moon landing mission met, Prime Minister in an attempt to boost the morale of them, had said that “India is with you as it is only a temporary set back”. On the last minute snapping of communication with the Vikram Lander, Prime Minister said that 'determination to reach moon has become stronger '.

“I am proudly said that the efforts were worth it and so was the journey,” he added.
Maintaining that the learning from today will make us stronger and better the Prime minister lauded the ISRO scientists as an Exceptional professional and they have made incredible contribution to the world of science. Mr Modi while stating that the Chandrayan mission had not only important to the country but also to the entire world has said that “Country is with you and the entire country is proud of you”.

Recalling that it was the Indian Scientists, who had discovered the presence of water in the Moon, he also said that “You had also successfully accomplished the Mars mission”.

“In our illustrious history, we have faced moments that may have slowed us but they never crushed our spirit. We have bounced back again and gone on to do spectacular things, this is the reason why our civilization stands tall,” Prime Minister said.
Mr Modi, immediately after addressing the Scientists, had also become emotional and hugged also consoled the ISRO chief Sivan who was on his tears. UNI