Steps taken to ensure safety of Indian tankers: PM

Steps taken to ensure safety of Indian tankers: PM

Agency News

Vladivostok (Russia), Sep 5: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said while India has been depending on Iran for fuel and energy security but in view of changing developments, all precautionary steps have been taken to ensure safety and security of Indian tankers.

"It is true India has been mostly dependent on Iran for energy security. But in view of developments there lately and to ensure that there is no side effect on us, we have taken all necessary steps," the Prime Minister said here at a discussion forum sharing stage with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe among others.

"We have made all arrangements for ensuring safety and security of Indian ships and oil tankers. This is neither to target anyone nor to interfere in anyone's matters," he said answering questions from the venue of Eastern Economic Forum.

"India has never thought of targeting anyone...nor this has been an issue or there has been any negative approach towards us globally for this," the Prime Minister said adding the Indian forces have always "kept itself confined" to work as part of the UN Peace Keeping Force only.

"Our forces have always acted as part of global peace mission," he said.

"Till date, we have never ever harboured any thought about aggressiveness.......," Mr Modi said. To another question, Prime Minister shared the global concern on Climate Change.

"Wherever we live, we have to work and keep the world safe for our children," he said. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, he said, "We in this generation should feel with responsibility that we all are trustees of the Mother Earth. We have no right to extract anything extra from anyone. If we can bring in this value in our social system, then we can find a solution to the problem".

The Prime Minister said Climate Change challenges are linked to individual's "behaviourial change" as well. "There must be sensitivity too...," he said. Mr Modi said in this context, India has been able to shift a lot of its energy resourcing to solar alteranative. "We have set a target that by 2022, 175 Giga Watt renewable energy target will be achieved," he said. (UNI)