It’s raining fines as traffic cops train guns on violators

It’s raining fines as traffic cops train guns on violators


Enthusiastic traffic cops are out on a prowl nabbing traffic rule violators after fines were jacked up substantially from September 1.

In Gurgaon area of Delhi, traffic fine of Rs 32,500 was slapped on a autorickshaw driver for jumping the red signal light.

Another two-wheeler rider was issued a ticket for Rs 23,000 for multiple violations, including not wearing a helmet. Elsewhere in the country, people were up in arms against the hefty fines. In Gujarat, people, including women, abused and assaulted traffic cops, reports said.

In Gurgaon, one Dinesh Madan was caught by traffic policemen for riding a scooty without helmet outside the district court. He also failed to produce documents, such as registration certificate, insurance, driving licence and pollution certificate that the cops sought.

He was fined Rs 5,000 for not producing RC, Rs 5,000 for driving licence, Rs 10,000 for pollution certificate, Rs 2,000 for third party insurance and Rs 1,000 for driving without helmet. Ironically, his old scooty would fetch him hardly Rs 15,000 if he decided to sell it. He said he was asked to furnish the documents in half an hour which, he claimed, was impossible. He was on an official errand when he was caught.

In another case, one Mohammad Mustakin was fined Rs Rs 32,500 for jumping the traffic red light in the Sikandarpur area. A daily wage earner till two months ago after which he took to driving an auto, Mustakin, like Madan, failed to produce necessary documents.

Reports have been flowing in from different parts of the country of people, including lorry drivers in Uttar Pradesh, having been fined heavily after September 1.

Reports from Gujarat said a woman driving a two-wheeler with two others pillion riding, not only refused to pay the Rs 1,000 fine the cops demanded, but also abused them and even tried to assault them

In another case, a crowd objected to police towing away vehicles parked wrongly. It was from September 1 that fines were jacked up. Under the new rules driving without licence would be fined from Rs 500 up to Rs 5,000.

Speed violation: Penalty from Rs 400 to Rs 4,000

Rash driving: Penalty of imprisonment of 6 months to 1 year and/or fine of Rs 1,000-Rs 5,000 for first offence and imprisonment of up to 2 years and/or fine of up to Rs 10,000 for the second offence.

Drunken driving: Imprisonment of 6 months to one year and Rs 10,000 penalty.

Overloading of two-wheelers: Fine has been of Rs 2000 and licence disqualification of licence for 3 months.

Driving uninsured vehicle: Fine of Rs 2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months for the first offence. If the offence is repeated fine of Rs 4,000.

Juvenile traffic offenders: Three years of imprisonment and fine of Rs 25,000 and cancellation of vehicle registration for 12 months. The juvenile will also become ineligible to obtain learners' licence till the age of 25.

Driving without helmets: Fine of Rs 1,000 and three-month suspension of licence.

Driving without a seat-belt: Fine of Rs 1,000.

Talking on phone while driving: Fine of Rs 1,000-5,000.