Chandrayaan-2: Final Lunar Orbit manoeuver performed

Chandrayaan-2: Final Lunar Orbit manoeuver performed

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Chennai, Sep 1 : With just six days remaining for a soft landing on the Moon's South Polar region, the fifth and final Lunar bound orbit maneouver of the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was performed successfully on Sunday.

''High five from Chandrayaan2 to you'', ISRO tweeted on the fifth and final successful manoeuver. ISRO in its update on the website said the final Lunar bound orbit manoeuver for the spacecraft was performed successfully beginning at 1821 hrs as planned, using the onboard propulsion system.The duration of the manoeuver was 52 seconds.

The orbit achieved is 119 km x 127 km. ''All spacecraft parameters are normal'', ISRO said. The next Lunar bound orbit manoeuver is scheduled for tomorrow, when Vikram Lander would get separated from the Orbiter and further descend on the moon's surface for a soft landing at south pole on September seven after which Rover Pragyan would eject out of Lander for conducting in situ experiments. ''The next operation is the separation of Vikram Lander from Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter, which is scheduled tomorrow between 12.45 hrs and 1.45pm'', ISRO said.

''Following this, there will be two deorbit manoeuvers of Vikram Lander to prepare for its landing in the south polar regions of the moon on September seven'', it said. UNI